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It’s important to make sure you’re healthy prior to playing sports to maximize your safe participation in the physical activity. At NAG Clinics in Texas City, Texas, highly skilled physicians perform sports physicals to help ensure you’re physical and mentally healthy while performing physical activity. Prior to playing a sport, call the team at the NAG Clinics location near you today or schedule your appointment online.

Sports Physical Q & A

What’s a sports physical?

A sports physical, also known as a pre-participation exam, helps doctors ensure you’re free from illness or injuries and in shape to safely participate in any sporting activities. To determine your ability to compete safely, NAG Clinics physicians first evaluate your medical history. They may ask about past injuries that could possibly hinder you from physical activity.

After taking down your medical history, the doctor performs a physical exam where they measure your height and weight to evaluate your body mass index, listen to your heart for cardiovascular risk, and check your eyesight. This is done to make sure you don’t have any physical limitation, such as a hernia or uncontrolled asthma.

Lastly, NAG Clinics’ physicians evaluate your posture, joints, strength, and flexibility to get a complete picture of your joint health. If the doctors determine you’re healthy enough, they’ll give you the go-ahead to play your sport without any restrictions.

Who needs a sports physical?

Because someone could have undiagnosed medical conditions, any person competing in a school-sanctioned sport is required to have a sports physical. If you play club or recreational sports, it may be a requirement to have a sports physical before you’re able to play. The sports physicals tend to be valid for one calendar year.

What’s the difference between an annual and a sports physical?

While an annual physical and sports physical are similar, there are a few differences. The sports physical is designed to review your current health status and medical history to see if you’re healthy enough to play sports. Because of this, the doctors at NAG Clinics focus on your cardiovascular risk along with muscle and bone health.

An annual physical not only focuses on your physical health, but on every other aspect of your emotional and physical well-being. It is at your annual physical where the doctors and staff can focus on immunizations and lab work, if needed.

If you need a sports physical before getting on the field or court, come to one of NAG Clinics’ two locations today or schedule your appointment online.