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If you’re looking around for a clinic to take your little one for a baby well check, consider NAG Clinics, with convenient locations in both Texas City, Texas. The doctors at NAG Clinics specialize in family medicine, and they treat all babies and children according to stringent guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics. For your baby’s well check, there’s no place better than the compassionate, attentive care of NAG Clinics. Schedule an appointment day online or over the phone.

Baby Well Check Q & A

What is a baby well check?

A baby well check is a routine exam that physicians perform periodically after your child is born to make sure they’re healthy. During these visits, physicians monitor the progress of your baby’s growth and development. The doctors at NAG Clinics strictly follow American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines, which ensure that children receive the best, safest, and most comprehensive care.

What happens during a baby well check?

During a baby well check, your child’s physician first measures their length and head circumference, and weigh them. After that, they perform a number of tests and exams, complete initial dental screenings, and administer age-appropriate immunizations and booster shots.

A baby well check exam includes a thorough head-to-toe examination, during which your doctor checks the following:

  • Head (checking the shape of the head, and the soft spots between where the skull is growing)
  • Eyes (inspecting the retina, and tracking eye movement)
  • Ears (checking sound response, and making sure there’s no fluid or infection)
  • Mouth (checking for thrush, and later, signs of teething)
  • Heart and lungs (checking breathing, listening for heart murmurs, and measuring to heartbeat using EKG machine)
  • Skin (looking for birthmarks, rashes, cradle cap, etc.)
  • Hips and legs (checking for hip displacement and joint issues)
  • Abdomen (checking for enlarged organs, umbilical hernias, and tenderness)
  • Genitalia (checking for infection, lumps, and unusual tenderness; in girls, vaginal discharge, and in boys, properly descending testes)

When should I take my baby to their first well check?

You should take your child to their first well check, called a newborn exam, when they are three to five days old. After that, you usually come back every few weeks, and then months. Your doctor determines your individual schedule.

If it’s time for your little one’s first well check, entrust their care to the compassionate and experienced team at NAG Clinics. In addition to newborn and baby well checks, the doctors at NAG Clinics also perform child well checks for your older kids. To schedule an appointment, use the online booking tool or call either clinic location today.